BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro

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Safe and Easy Nail Trimming with BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro

Versatile Settings

The BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro features multiple speeds and rotation patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect setting for neatly trimmed nails every time. Adjust the settings as per your convenience to find the most comfortable nail filing position for your little one.

Compact Structure

Designed with a sleek and lightweight build, the BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro is incredibly portable. Slip it into your purse or handbag and take it with you on the go, ensuring your baby’s nails are always perfectly trimmed, whether you’re at home or traveling.

Noiseless Operation

Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, this nail trimmer allows you to file your baby’s nails even while they sleep, without causing any disturbance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can care for your baby’s nails at any time of the day or night.

Sophisticated Accessories

The BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro includes cushioned sandpapers specifically designed for babies and children, as well as attachments for adult use. This versatile set ensures that everyone in the family can benefit from its gentle yet effective nail care.

100% Safe

Safety is our top priority. The BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro is gentle on delicate nail beds and cuticles, allowing you to swiftly and safely trim and polish your baby’s toenails and fingernails. You can trust that your little one’s nails will be perfectly groomed without any risk of injury.

With BabyLoom™ NailCare Pro, nail trimming becomes a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Keep your baby’s nails healthy and neatly trimmed with this must-have grooming tool, designed to make your life easier and your baby’s nails safer.

"Happy Parents"

That is a great product! Excellent for NB phase before you can clip baby's nails. Very easy to use, file the nails fast

Sara A.

Love the lights, it helps when I file my baby's nails.


This baby mail file is a better price than other ones I’ve found and it works just a good! This is my second time purchasing it and I’ll never use anything else for my newborn babies!

Cathrin Sam

I liked the product. Worked great for my toddlers nails☺️ it’s a must have! Definitely recommend!


I got this for my newborn and I really enjoy it. I didn't realize it could be up to adult which is cool! I recommend if you are worried about hurting the kids when using clippers.